The International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA) was established to channel funding, expertise and assistance directly to assist law enforcement cyber crime units in both domestic and international markets. We are a business-led organisation comprising large national and multi-national companies who recognise the need to provide additional resourcing and support to law enforcement officers around the world, in their fight against cyber crime.

To ensure that we gain maximum impact from our aims and objectives, the ICSPA works in tandem with Governments and Institutions that understand the need to assist countries that face the greatest challenges. Our view is that by increasing the capability, knowledge, training, skills, capacity and expertise of these front-line units, we can significantly help to reduce the harm caused to businesses, customers and citizens around the world.

Our organisation recognises that the cyber security arena is flourishing with new ideas, fora and organisations. It is a busy playing field, with a great deal happening – and not before time, some would say. There is much to ponder and debate – but the ICSPA has no desire to be simply a ‘talking shop’! Our quest is simple, our focus is clear, and together with our international partners and members – we are already delivering our mission:


How We Began….

The ICSPA was established in July 2011 with a very successful media launch attended by the Home Office Minister for Crime & Security, James Brokenshire MP, our Chair, the Rt. Hon David Blunkett MP, and UK Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon David Cameron, MP who provided a personal endorsement for our organisation.

“The very nature of this threat calls for more than a national response; it demands a truly global response, and that is what the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance is all about. By forging new relationships between businesses, governments and law enforcement officers all over the world, by investing in new training, and by building an international exchange of expertise, the ICSPA is forming a network powerful enough – and wide enough, to face down Cybercrime. I’m pleased to support this important organisation and I wish you every success in your vital work ahead.”

Rt. Hon David Cameron MP

Why the ICSPA Was Established

Looking to the decade ahead, we realised that internationally, law enforcement units engaged in fighting cybercrime would come under increasing financial and operational strain. We recognised the fact that a perfect storm was brewing; the exponential and unrelenting rise in cybercrime attacks, public funding under unprecedented global pressure, and the escalation in state-sponsored cyber attacks diverting Government attention to the protection of government departments and critical national infrastructures.

We anticipated that there would be funding gaps between that which Governments could provide and the burgeoning requirements of law enforcement units engaged in fighting cyber crime. The time was right for a new and radical approach; one which would bring a unique and unified approach to the cyber battle-field.

Since our launch we have received over 300 separate media coverage items in many countries around the world. We have also extended our membership base and formed associations with thousands of industry professionals in over 42 countries

What We Do

The defining aim of the ICSPA is to reduce harm from cybercrime targeted at businesses, their customers and their supply chains. Through effective collaboration with our member companies and with the support of respective Governments, we look at ways to provide practical assistance to law enforcement agencies and governments, to protect critical national infrastructures around the world.

“Governments cannot deliver a safer online world. We need to work closely with industry, to ensure that safe infrastructure and services can be provided to the public and share information and skills. And we need industry to carry out the same work at an international level. ICSPA has been set up to do just that, and we very strongly welcome it”

James Brokenshire MP

What Makes Us Different?

Our Vision: “Through collective leadership and international collaboration, by embracing good practice and the support of global partnerships, we will work together to define, coordinate and promote world-class systems of support and sponsorship – thereby achieving a reduction in the harm to businesses and their customers from cyber crime”

  • We provide resource support directly to law enforcement cybercrime units to enhance the capability and capacity of agencies in countries which face the greatest cyber challenges.
  • We work with countries to help improve the cyber security and resilience of their Critical National Infrastructures and the operability of government.
  • We support and implement public information awareness campaigns and communications strategies to help citizens and businesses become better able to defend themselves against cyber crime.
By targeting support in this way, we aim to provide benefit to our business members, their customers and to the countries with whom we are engaged.