The ICSPA held a successful Round Table meeting and dinner in Washington on 29th November. Senior representatives from US government, Law enforcement and security agencies met with a cross section of high profile business members to reflect and build upon successful outcomes of their continuing fight against cyber crime and, crucially, to agree a way forward.

Two of the key events taking place which will feed into our Round Table discussions are outlined below:

•    The “Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative” received approval from the 54 Heads of Government Meeting in Perth, Australia, on October 25 & 26th.  This is an initiative which provides guidance to countries on a range of measures that they might adopt on the road to improving their cybercrime capability and cyber resilience. The ICSPA is partnering the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Comnet organisation to help implement the programme of work that will result from this initiative.  The Comnet Chairman, Mr Joseph Tabone, will report to the November 29th Meeting on some of the detail that surrounds this unique opportunity.

•    The London Conference on Cyberspace was held on November 1st and 2nd .  The Rt Hon William Hague MP, the UK Foreign Secretary, hosted the conference attended by Government delegates from over 60 nations together with business leaders and key figures from academia.  The ICSPA supported the Conference by assisting the International Chamber of Commerce with its outreach to senior business delegates.  We will include relevant topics and outcomes from this conference in our Round Table agenda.

It was recognised that these recent events would have brought about a wealth of further thinking and suggestions from governments, academia and business leaders on the subject of international cyber outreach and engagement.  The ICSPA saw the Round Table Meeting as a significant opportunity to provide a further forum for exchange of joint expertise and specialist knowledge.

The information and outcomes of ‘Nation Building in Cyber Space’ will be used to identify key measures and programmes of work that need to be put in place to help cybercrime and security agencies become more effective on an international scale. The report will shape and inform the implementation of the ICSPA’s Intenrational Cybercrime Assistance Programme: