Transcript of a video recording made by the Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Prime Minister in support of the media launch of the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA).


“Over the past thirty years the world has been transformed by technology. We’ve seen a genuine revolution in the way we live, work and communicate – and millions of people around the world benefit from that.

But with this new openness has come a new vulnerability. Cybercriminals are attacking national infrastructures, they are targeting businesses and they are scamming and stealing from citizens and customers all over the world.

Our government has already injected an additional six hundred and fifty million pounds to help improve our national infrastructure and protect against cybercrime, but the very nature of this threat calls for more than a national response; it demands a truly global response…. and that is what the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance is all about.

By forging new relationships between businesses, governments and law enforcement officers all over the world, by investing in new training, and by building an international exchange of expertise, the ICSPA is forming a network powerful enough – and wide enough, to face down Cybercrime.

I’m pleased to support this important organisation and I wish you every success in your vital work ahead.”