Europol, the European Law Enforcement Agency, and the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance are agreeing today to form a strategic partnership.

Europol, the ICSPA and its business Members, will work together to address some uniquely challenging issues of cyber crime across the EU’s 27 Member States and other international partners.
This is a vital partnership which will bring governments, business and law enforcement agencies together to address issues such as:

  • The harmonisation of cybercrime training for law enforcement officials whilst exploring ways in which we might introduce accreditation and standards for trained officials
  • Supporting businesses and communities throughout the EU by providing authoritative advice and guidance to help ensure a more safe and secure Internet and mobile technology environment
  • Driving information sharing initiatives between EU law enforcement agencies and businesses to ensure that policy makers and law enforcement agencies gain a more accurate picture of the level and nature of cyber criminal activity
  • Sharing best practice on techniques and solutions and by examining the evolution of cybercrime, work together on future-proofing systems and hardware
  • Identifying new technologies that are coming to market which will present innovative channels which can be exploited by organised criminals and providing mitigation advice on these new, emerging threats

About Europol

Europol is the European law enforcement agency. Its job is to make Europe safer by assisting the Member States of the European Union in their fight against international serious crime and terrorism. This is a big task. Large–scale criminal and terrorist networks pose a significant threat to the internal security of the EU and to the safety and livelihood of its people. The biggest security threats come from terrorism, international drug trafficking and money laundering, organised fraud, counterfeiting of the euro currency, and people smuggling. But new dangers are also accumulating, in the form of cyber crime, trafficking in human beings, and other modern-day threats. This is a multi–billion euro business, quick to adapt to new opportunities and resilient in the face of traditional law enforcement measures.

Strengthened by a reform to its mandate and capabilities in 2010 Europol is pioneering a new response to these dangers. The agency uses its unique information capabilities and the expertise of over 700 people to identify and track the most dangerous criminal and terrorist networks in Europe. Law enforcement authorities in the EU rely on this intelligence work, and the services of Europol’s operational coordination centre and secure information network, to carry out almost 12,000 cross–border investigations each year. These have led to the disruption of many criminal and terrorist networks, to the arrest of thousands of dangerous criminals, to the recovery of millions of euro in criminal proceeds, and to the recovery from harm of hundreds of victims, including children trafficked for sexual exploitation. Europol also acts as a major centre of expertise in key fields of law enforcement activity and as a European centre for strategic intelligence on organised crime. Its Organised Crime Threat Assessment is a seminal product for EU policy–makers and police chiefs.

Europol enjoys excellent cooperation arrangements with law enforcement and other partners in Europe and beyond. It also values its accountability arrangements and data protection regime, which are among the most robust and transparent in the world..

Rob Wainwright
Director of Europol


About the ICSPA

The International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA) is a global not-for-profit organisation established to channel funding, expertise and assistance directly to assist law enforcement cyber crime units in both domestic and international markets.

We are a business-led organisation comprising large national and multi-national companies who recognise the need to provide additional resourcing and support to law enforcement officers around the world, in their fight against cybercrime.

To ensure that we gain maximum impact from our aims and objectives, the ICSPA will also seek resource and support from Governments and Institutions that understand the need to assist countries that face the greatest challenges and that wish to join with us in helping to combat all forms of cyber criminality.
Our view is that by increasing the capability, knowledge, training, skills, capacity and expertise of these front-line units, we will have embarked upon a lasting strategy that will significantly help to reduce the harm caused to businesses, customers and citizens around the world.

Mission Statement
The mission of the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance is to enhance the online safety and security of business communities, by helping to deliver resources and expertise from the private sector to support both domestic and international law enforcement agencies in their task of reducing harm from cyber crime. This will include raising public sector funding from Governments and Institutions that wish to help increase the capacity and capability of cyber crime units in countries which face the greatest challenges.

Through collective leadership and international collaboration, by embracing good practice and the support of global partnerships, we will work together to define, coordinate and promote world-class systems of support and sponsorship – thereby achieving a reduction in the harm to businesses and their customers from cyber crime.

John Lyons
Chief Executive

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