There is now a greater awareness of the threat from organised crime and terrorism related to cyber space than at any time since the development of the World Wide Web. But with the awareness of government and business growing, there is also an increased threat from highly sophisticated illegal activity emanating from sovereign states, through to so-called “hacktavist” groups (organised criminals) and individual entrepreneurial hackers.

In this very changed environment, it is important not only for government and business to protect themselves but to increase dramatically the awareness of both the risks and the possibilities for protective action. Above all, how this might be integrated into awareness, training and deployment for law enforcement agencies across the world.

That is why the not-for-profit enterprise, the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance, has been established with the support of the UK government and the enthusiastic backing of business (large and small), to work alongside and support law enforcement. Particular emphasis will be placed on the sources and targets for attack, including the facilitation of an exchange of expertise, development and knowledge of techniques for those with particular challenges and vulnerability – including protecting the supply chain.

This partnership approach will aim to combine both the resources and the knowledge-base of those engaged in this collaborative venture to the mutual benefit of all. The intention is to add value, to respond by identifying specific law enforcement need and, over time, to demonstrate by outcome the way in which international links can be extended, matching the operational activity of those intent on creating harm who know no national boundaries and respect no demarcation within or between existing government and private agencies.

I hope those interested will feel able to make a positive contribution or to provide appropriate backing and support to this venture.